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Welcome to the new official website of the West Tennessee area League of the South. This page will serve as a outlet for disseminating information as it pertains to our local members and also to provide potential future members with local news and access to contact information. Please feel free to contact me                           CJSchroeder WestTN_LS@protonmail.com  


Deo Vindice!



Boycott Dolly Parton

Tennessee League of the South

The Tennessee League of the South is calling on all Tennesseans to boycott Dolly Parton.  Her decision to change the name of Dixie Stampede to appease the liberal agitators is the final straw in a list of continued transgressions in which she has proved herself an enemy of her own people.  She has donated large sums of money into Sevier County and brought much industry and tourism.  Yet we are in a time when we must choose a side.  The battle between good and evil is reaching a historical crescendo and choosing to do the right thing, regardless of monetary or material rewards, is a necessity to ensure that the evil, leftist destroyers of heritage and identity do not gain the upper hand.

It is time to officially say enough is enough.  Dolly has placed the interests of those who seek the destruction of the Christian, Southern people and culture…

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Off and running in 2018!


LS Directive 05012018

The League of the South will hold its first major public demonstration in Tallahassee at the old Florida State Capitol building on Saturday, 27 January. More details will be forthcoming on our website, www.leagueofthesouth.com and on our various social media outlets. Please mark your calendar and plan on being at this event to show your support for the growing Southern nationalist movement!

Michael Hill

Rally for Forrest!


On January 6th in Memphis, Tennessee, several League of the South members met up with TWP and Shieldwall Network members and participated in a successful rally against the corruption and degeneracy that presides over the local government there.


Although this was not an official League event, several local members felt extremely passionate about the illegal actions taken by the cuck Mayor Jim Strickland and the Communists that fill the city council when they unlawfully removed the statues of Memphis’ own General Nathan Bedford Forrest and President Jefferson Davis. We were met by around 200 police officers in tactical gear, surrounded by barricades and dump trucks blocking the streets and helicopters in the air. Once we made it through the metal detectors and pat-downs  provided by the TBI we entered an enormous area blocked off for us. We were treated fairly by the police and outnumbered the counter-protesters 2 to 1.  All in all, this was an F1F44A06-CE3E-4B58-AFE8-8CF38224C5AC.jpeg

extremely successfull event that made national news and had no injuries or arrests and we cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars. I look forward to many, many more actions taken against this city.

Deo Vindice!